Well hello there.

I’m Rayna.

I’m also a national TV chef and an Indian food expert who got FED UP of feeling crappy in her body. I had become overweight, chronically stressed out, anxious, exhausted, too breathless to run after my toddler and too consumed by self-loathing to love anybody.

And I had run out of excuses.

Saying I was “a new mom” no longer felt like a viable excuse—my daughter was 2.5 and I could barely fit in my maternity clothes. Pants felt like a prison and I despised the baggy, shapeless sacks that had become my uniform. Shopping for clothes was pure torture, and I often cried in store dressing rooms. I saw a photo of myself in a swimsuit and nearly DIED of embarrassment at how far Id let myself go over the years. My relationships suffered. I became dejected and hopeless, filled with self-loathing and dread.

I had tried everything. Nothing worked or stuck.
Meal replacement shakes. Weight Watchers. New Years resolutions. Fitness apps, gym memberships, FitBit, 12-step programs, personal trainers. Nothing worked or stuck. Then, one afternoon—shortly after I turned 40—I hit an all-time low. I had reached peak blorpdom and a well-meaning relative pushed food at me for the last and final time. Something snapped, and I resolved to never, Never, NEVER feel the way I did in my body again. And thats when it hit me:

To change how I felt in my body, I had to change how I ate. To change how I ate, I had to change how I thought.

From that day on, I began an experiment on my body and mind that involved slightly changing how I ate and RADICALLY changing how I thought. It took me SIX SHORT WEEKS of eating plentiful, flavorful food to lose the first TWENTY POUNDS. No gadgets, no tracking, no apps, no counting calories, no portion control, no starvation. ZERO WILLPOWER. (I have none.) Minimal, TOTALLY OPTIONAL exercise. I went to parties, restaurants, and bars. To conferences, concerts, and even a wedding. And through it all, I developed a radical system of body-mind fitness that quadrupled my energy, halved my dress size, inspired me to be more confident, and gave me the strength to carry my sleeping daughter up two flights of stairs without getting breathless. My hunger levels and cravings disappeared naturally. My body fat dropped by over 25%. I felt comfortable in jeans for the first time in my life. In short, I had a breakthrough that changed my body—and my life—FOREVER. 

Only YOU can change your mind. But I can help.

When I started, I felt desperate, hopeless, and stuck in my body. Today I feel fit, confident, and FREE. And now I help others like me rethink their relationship with food, regain their confidence, and reshape their bodies and lives beyond their wildest dreams.

This is my story.
It can be yours, too.

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